Bullkex Exchange

A full-stack platform built to provide FIAT and digital asset custody, clearing, and trade execution services all in one place.

Designed to serve its customers looking to acquire and hold digital assets.

Has built a traditional exchange infrastructure that offers the elite products and services to seamlessly integrate with its clients´ business and operations.

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Fair and transparent fee structures, whilst maintaining the highest-rated security standards to protect client assets.

A full-service digital asset solution for the clients´ and a unique destination for investment advisors looking to access the entire digital asset ecosystem and manage their clients’ portfolios.

Optimised and simplified

Can maximise payments efficiency across receivables, payables, collections and disbursements safely and save valuable time.

Coin and token listing and asset tokenisation.

OTC (Over the Counter Trading Desk)

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Allows institutional buyers and sellers significant scale of trading and specialises in navigating negative price effects of substantial trades within the current inefficient market pricing environment.

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Provides sizeable market exposure with minimal or no on-exchange impact.
A cost-efficient solution for processing sizeable crypto transactions. Trades are subject to a small fee upon execution.

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Pricing is benchmarked across major exchanges to maintain competitiveness.
Combines unparalleled market liquidity with confidentiality and security.

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Offers full access to global block facilitation exchanges and OTC networks that provide access to deep liquidity.
Trades are executed immediately.


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We have a team dedicated to the preparation of Initial Coin Offerings and asset tokenisation:

  • Our ecosystem gives clients access to training, support and resources to initiate the journey in the blockchain market.
  • The specialised team will assist in all regulatory and compliance matters.
  • We will guide you through our listing requirements in the exchange.

In conjunction with our partners, we give you access to specialists in the financial services sector:

  • Aimed at clients and professionals in the investment fund industry who are looking for custody, fund administration and support through the whole process, including Alternative Investment Funds.
  • Wealth management support.
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Our partners at ScaleBlock.io have engineered an institutional Point of Sale Terminal for digital currency payments.

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